Business consulting services

Our non-standard problem-solving approach sets us apart from the competition.
We provide specifically tailored solutions specializing in the analysis of internal controls gaps such as susceptibility to fraud and internal control ineffectiveness and inefficiencies. We utilize the latest powerful software to interrogate transactional data anomalies to monitor the quality of the internal control environments of our clients. Our support also extends to other finance and accounting governance-related activities.


Financial Advisory

Financial advisory services

We perform valuations of business entities, intellectual property, intangible assets, debt, and equity. These due-diligence services are provided in mergers and acquisitions, dispositions, planning and financial reporting, bankruptcy and reorganizations, litigation and dispute resolutions. Our compliance experts assist clients in investigations, acquisition support, and compliance program implementation and assessments. We provide specifically tailored compliance training to management and staff.


Risk Management

Risk management services

We provide a flexible and collaborative co-sourcing Internal Audit (IA) services to achieve a robust and well-rounded mixture of expertise on IA engagements. While the client maintains the control and responsibility, we provide advice and best practices insights from the industry, business, or specialized technical areas of expertise. We also help organizations meet all of their IA needs under a continuous, full-service outsourcing arrangement based on existing risk-based internal audit plan or by establishing an entirely new risk-based IA structure. Our risk experts also assist clients in assessment, improvements, and implementation of risk management programs to complement the activities of the IA function.