Financial advisory services

I. Financial reporting, merger, acquisition (M&A), and divestiture, carve-out, and post-closing

We support our clients in navigating complex fair value measurement standards based on applicable Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for financial reporting purposes. Our services extend to M&A or related activities. Ascertaining the fair value of acquired assets and liabilities requires the use of considerable judgment and estimates, including in the selection of methods of valuation. Our experienced advisors can assist in pre- and post-closing M&A activities such as:

  • business valuation and pricing;
  • transactional support (due diligence);
  • M&A execution including purchase price allocation; and
  • post-closing M&A integration and continuous synergistic value reassessments.

II. Other valuation services

We perform comprehensive valuation services beyond financial reporting, M&A, or related.

a. Equity-based compensation

We can assist clients that grant equity-based compensation to analyze their underlying assumptions and develop option pricing models based on those assumptions.

b. Litigation

We engage in litigation engagements as independent valuation advisors for our clients. As litigation engagements are often subject to court proceedings, our valuation advisors follow a strict code of conduct to ensure the independence from the parties to the lawsuit for expert witness credibility. Some of the litigation engagements include:

  • shareholder disputes; 
  • divorce;
  • bankruptcy; and
  • breach of contract.

c. Tax Compliance

The tax valuation needs of an entity, whether public or private, are driven primarily by tax compliance, deferral, or minimization. These engagements include:

  • estate and gift tax valuation; and
  • nonqualified deferred compensation.

III. Anti-corruption and anti-bribery compliance programs

Our compliance experts will assist clients in the assessment and implementation of compliance programs, including training to management and staff at an acquired entity or as an additional service to complement existing programs.


Centuriatus firm works together with its clients to find and to implement solutions. Our clients can draw on the expertise and best practices from the industry, including proven implementation methodologies.