Risk management services 

I. Internal audit (IA) support

Whether our clients need additional assurance on internal audit engagement based on an existing IA risk-based plan or assistance in the establishment and execution of a new IA strategy, our seasoned experts will ensure that our clients' needs are served. We will provide best practices insights from the industry, business, or specialized technical areas of expertise. We will act as a trusted IA business partner under full outsourcing or co-sourcing arrangement and collaborating in:

  • IA organization establishment; and
  • IA audit process set-up and reporting

II. Corporate governance

Corporate governance includes a broad spectrum of activities and processes, including the overall management approach through which management and executives direct and control their organization, using a combination of management information and control systems. Those activities ensure that critical management information reaching the senior management team is sufficiently complete, accurate, and timely for appropriate decision making. Furthermore, they provide control mechanisms to warrant that strategy, corporate policies, procedures, and instructions promulgated by management are carried out effectively. We will assist our clients in establishing a structure conducive of running an effective corporate governance process that includes:

  • corporate policy enactment process;
  • gap analysis and assessments;
  • conformance monitoring and reporting; and
  • internal certification process.

We also have vast expertise in the implementation of company-wide signature authorization and limits of authority processes to complement the existing governance process.

    III. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

ERM is a process effected by the entity's board of directors, management, and other personnel, applied in strategy setting and across the enterprise.  ERM is designed to identify potential outcomes that may affect the entity, manage risks to be within its predefined risk appetite tolerances, and to provide assurance regarding the achievement of entity objectives. Our experts will support organizations in adopting entirely new or more sophisticated ERM systems to strengthen our client's oversight and governance processes and to complement the existing IA process. Some of our services may include part or all of the following services:

  • risk appetite analysis/identification of a company's key risk indicators (KRI);
  • establishment of formal policies and procedures regarding the risk management process;
  • stakeholder analysis;
  • communication campaigns to increase company-wide awareness;
  • planning and execution of ERM programs customized to individual clients' company structure;
  • board of directors, audit committee, executive management reporting, and escalations mechanisms; and
  • support in the establishment of formal workshops and validation meetings.


Centuriatus firm works together with its clients to find and to implement solutions. Our clients can draw on the expertise and best practices from the industry, including proven implementation methodologies.