By Mike Skorupski
October 16, 2020

Management consulting, risk management

Effective September 23, 2020, Centuriatus PLLC had become a full-service certified public accounting and advisory firm in the state of Michigan, USA. We are proud to now offer audit and tax services to southeastern Michigan clients. We will perform audits, examinations, reviews of financial statements, and reporting on internal controls, compilations, and other attest and non-attest engagements, including tax preparation services, in accordance with applicable standards in the USA. Our licensed Certified Public Accountants will supervise those services Michigan or other states.

Please allow me to highlight the firm's origins. The seed was sowed in Detroit, Michigan, during a harsh but rather typical midwestern winter in 1988. I had arrived in Detroit, with just one suitcase and no return ticket to my home country on a Pan Am flight from JFK in New York, having arrived earlier from Poland via Prague, Czechoslovakia on the Czechoslovak State Airlines or CSA. I was fourteen years old at that time. A few years later, Pan Am ceased to exist after 92 years in operations, and Czechoslovakia was split into independent countries of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. That journey from the other side of back then called the Iron Curtain to the USA, and its prologue is undoubtedly worthy of a separate post in itself, but that is history now.

My professional roots are indeed from southeastern Michigan. I have received my higher education and began my early career as a certified public accountant and auditor for one of the Big4 accounting firms in the Detroit metropolitan area. After that professional service tenure, I was entrusted with finance/risk-related middle and senior management roles at automotive and renewable energy multi-national companies while working in Denmark, USA, Poland, Israel, Germany, Czech Republic, and Spain. This international journey gave me a tremendous opportunity to learn about different cultures and business perspectives. I will now utilize this wealth of personal and business knowledge in Centuriatus PLLC, my newly founded professional services practice.

I look forward to reconnecting with my former colleagues and clients and proudly serving the southeastern Michigan community by providing quality certified public accounting and advisory services while also serving other international clients in an advisory capacity.

Well, what is with the Centuriatus brand then? Where did that come from? Centuriatus brand is a boutique management consulting company concept incorporated to serve mainly small to mid-size clients with a highly customizable service offering. The practice's small size works to our advantage as we do not utilize over-reached informational campaigns or need to adhere to an over-extended internal reporting requirements. We can focus exclusively on clients and their immediate needs. Because reputation and integrity are qualities close to our hearts, we are committed to sustainable and responsible business practices in pursuing business opportunities. Centuriatus in Latin means the office of a Centurion. While battle worthiness quality was pivotal for the success of a Roman Centurion, Centurion's other key success factor was also trustworthiness. We have selected that quality as a mission-critical factor for our practice. Our firm adheres to the highest ethical standards, and that is why our trusted advisors will demonstrate a continuous commitment to quality by delivering only value-added client services. 


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